Leaves is bringing together parties from the Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland, with different fields of expertise including researchers, health care professionals and design and technology professionals





Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) is a research and development SME in the area of rehabilitation technology and telemedicine. The mission of RRD is to carry out scientific research and contribute to its commercialization and implementation in clinical practice. The rationale of RRD is to develop innovations in a multidisciplinary team and in close collaboration with all stakeholders (patients, informal and formal caregivers, academia, health care organizations and industry). RRD’s technology innovations include its own service platform that enables multimodal monitoring and coaching of physical and mental health – including a virtual agent that guides the user through the care path. RRD is experienced in AAL projects, namely IS-ACTIVE, PEARL, SALSA and SOULMATE. Results of such research projects have been transferred to the market by means of spin-off companies and are being used extensively in clinical practice.


Lex van Velsen

Project coordinator

Manager eHealth cluster, PhD in Technical Communication


Lena Brandl

PhD candidate /  Personalization of the LEAVES platform

Junior Researcher, MSc. in Human Computer Interaction


Brigitte Benerink

Administrative support

Project management assistant


Vera Bulsink

Leader of WP2: technology development

Senior researcher, PhD in Biomedical Engineering

Andreea Bondrea

UI Designer

UI Designer

Interactive Media & Fine Arts

Dennis Hofs

Software Developer

MSc. in Computer Science




The National Foundation for the Elderly (NFE) is a wellbeing organization that promotes quality of life for older persons in the Netherlands. The primary focus of NFE is on preventing isolation. NFE supports seniors through meaningful projects and services that: Improve social inclusion and improve empowerment of older people and their self-reliance. The NFE has a large network of activity centres across the Netherlands that organizes activities for seniors that are at risk of exclusion. These activities range from sports, shopping, summer days on the beach, Christmas dinners and knitting clubs, increasing social contacts in a concrete and simple manner. NFE organizes national campaigns and organizes training and networking sessions between care professionals to raise awareness and interchange best practices. The NFE works as a trusted intermediary between private and public services and older persons, helping seniors to find the path towards support and care, creating an extensive knowledge base for research and innovation. The NFE participates in European projects with the main objective to promote wellbeing of older persons. NFE reaches directly 35.000 older persons through its services and projects for older persons in the Netherlands. It has experience in user-centred innovation and iterative processes of development with the active involvement of older persons in focus groups, interviews and pilot trials. It uses its large network of local welfare organizations to disseminate and leverage results of research projects into society.


Lotte Schokking

Leader WP1: Iterative Design Project leader Innovation

MA Arts, Policy and Cultural Entrepreneurship


Eva Siderakis

Innovator and Qualitative Researcher

MSc Communication Sciences




The University of Bern has a long expertise in developing and evaluating internet-based self-help interventions for prolonged grief, loneliness, anxiety and mood disorders or self-compassion. The outpatient clinic is an internationally recognised institution for psychotherapy, psychotherapy research and training and provides individually tailored treatment for all mental disorders in different settings including couple and family therapy.

UoB BettinaMooser - researcher and clini

Bettina Mooser

Clinical researcher; psychotherapist

MSc in Clinical Psychology, psychotherapist in training

UoB JeannetteBrodbeck.jpg

Jeannette Brodbeck

Leader WP3: Real-life evaluation; psychotherapist

PhD in Clinical Psychology, MAS in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy




The School of Social Work focuses on social innovations and develops practical solutions to tackle social problems and challenges with a focus on digitalization. The Institute of Counselling, Coaching and Social Management specializes in counselling and coaching processes, shapes professional practice and advises practitioners. Important expert areas are the development and evaluation of online self-help interventions for coping with life events and blended counselling.

Sarah Madoerin.jpg

Sarah Madörin

Junior Researcher

MA in Sociology

UoB JeannetteBrodbeck.jpg

Jeannette Brodbeck

Leader WP3: Real-life evaluation; psychotherapist

PhD in Clinical Psychology, MAS in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy

unl sofia jacinto.png

Sofia Jacinto Braga


MSc Clinical Psychology, PhD in Social Psychology (ISCTE-IUL, Indiana University)



NOVA University of Lisbon includes NOVA Medical School which is at the forefront in developing partnerships between researchers and stakeholders (academia, hospitals, industry, patient associations and decision makers), with activities which align medical education, research and hospital practice, while serving the community, and promoting the development of science and technology.The Comprehensive Health Research Centre (CHRC), coordinated by NOVA Medical School, is a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional and comprehensive new research centre aimed at supporting, developing and fostering clinical, public health and health services research. The other CHRC pillars and central activities are health education and training; innovation, digital and entrepreneurship. EpiDoC is an epidemiology and outcomes research group within CHRC, aiming at providing scientific information of excellence, gathering health and diseases issues and covering clinical, social, economic and human aspects.

UNL helena canhao.png

Helena Canhão


Habilitation in Medicine, MD, PhD in Medicine (Rheumatology), Master in Clinical Research (Harvard Medical School)

unl ana rodrigues.png

Ana Rodrigues


MD, PhD in Medicine (Rheumatology), Clinical Scholars Research Training (Harvard Medical School)

unl rute sousa.png

Rute Dinis de Sousa


MSc Clinical Psychology, international MBA


Maria João Jacinto

Leader WP4 

PhD in Bioengineer by MIT Portugal


Nuno Mendonça

Statistical support

RD, MSc, PhD Nutritional Epidemiologist at UNL


Marta Moreira Marques

Senior Reseracher

PhD Health Psychology, Behavioural Scientist

nothing ag.png



Nothing, a Swiss venture lab, focuses on what makes humans thrive. It was founded with the goal to align design, business and technology with real human needs. The team consists of experienced consultants, designers, developers and creatives who come together to create digital products which provide value for humans. With proven expertise in information architecture, interface design and frontend engineering, the company also specializes in user research. Through interviews and prototype testing, the designers identify the actual needs of the end user are integrates them into an iterative design process to create the right product for LEAVES.


Bengiamin Barblan

Project coordinator and Service Designer

Designer with a computer engineering background


Bastiaan van Rooden

Strategy consultant

Designer turned strategist. Background in liberal arts

Andreas Moesch

UI Designer

Interaction Designer

Joanna Salathé

Front-end Developer

Software Architect with focus on building software with great User Experience

Nathanaël Khodl

Front-end Developer

Full stack developer and chatbot pioneer

baixo alentejo.jpeg



 The Local Health Unit of Baixo Alentejo (ULSBA) integrates Portugal’s Public National Health Service and supports 126,692 inhabitants (Census, 2011) in its geographical area of coverage, with the elderly adding up to 25% of the population, majority of whom suffer from dementia and depression. The Psychiatry Department, through its Geriatric Psychiatry Team, assists elderly with mental disease via clinical evaluation, elaboration of a therapeutical and rehabilitative plan, home visits, caregivers support and telemedicine.

ULSBA Ana Matos Pires.png

Ana Matos Pires

Steering committee, head clinical researcher, overview of ULSBA’s LEAVES-related activities.

MD, Psychiatrist, Head of the Psychiatry Department at ULSBA, Advisor for the National Program for Mental Health (General Directorate of Health - DGS)

ULSBA María Suárez Gómez.png

María Suárez Gómez

End-user committee, clinical researcher, recruitment, interviews and transcriptions.

MD, PhD, Psychiatrist, Gerontopsychiatric Team Coordinator at ULSBA.

ULSBA Joana Isaac.png



Clinical researcher, recruitment, interviews and transcriptions.

MD, PhD student at UNL, Psychiatry Resident at ULSBA

ULSBA Afonso Gouveia.png

Afonso Gouveia

Clinical researcher, recruitment, interviews and transcriptions.

MD, Psychiatry Resident at ULSBA

SFT square.png



Sensing Future Technologies (SFT) was founded in 2011. SFT designs, develops and implements medical devices with a high degree of innovation, functionality and applicability. SFT has expertise in bringing to market new commercial products.  All its promoters have experience in R&D projects. Main areas of activity:

- Stabilometry and Baropodometry: Balance and Pressure Physical Rehabilitation devices

- Robotics, haptic devices and telemedicine

SFT Carlos Alcobia.jpg

Carlos Alcobia

Steering committee and business model developer

PhD in Mechanical Engineering. CEO


Luís Ferreira

WP4 leader: Business Modelling and Exploitation

MSc in Mechanical Engineering. CTO

Pedro Mendes

WP4 leader: Business Modelling and Exploitation

MSc in Mechanical Engineering. 

International Sales & Founder

André Dias

Full Stack Developer

MSc in software Engineer



DELA Coöperatie UA is an international insurer and funeral organiser active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. It insures more than four million people and is characterised by a cooperative model, with members being the collective owners.


Insuring and caring

DELA was founded more than 80 years ago to ensure a dignified and worthy farewell for its members by insuring and organising funerals. Since our inception, DELA has focused on offering security, care and continuity.


DELA stands for: Carrying each other’s burden. A feeling of solidarity. Standing strong together. Sharing and making joint decisions. Connecting generations. And being there in the moments that matter most… For each other.

Mandy Verdam

Markting innovation, business modelling and exploitation. 

Innovation Manager a.i. at DELA

Markting Management.

Business owner/consultant in Digital Markting